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December 7, 2015 / Ab Cdef

Mirror mirror on the wall what’s the strongest magnet of all?

Magnetic Products Store

Available from Magnetic Product Store

“Which one is the strongest?”

No, we’re not talking about cage wrestlers or superheroes, here. We’re talking about magnetic strength – and specifically the magnets in magnetic bracelets and bangles. Because this is a question that people often ask when they’re thinking about buying one. But it’s not really the right question to ask. It’s like buying a plane ticket by asking which plane has the most powerful engine. Buying a magnetic bracelet should be like judging a beauty contest not a weightlifting contest.

Now you might disagree. After all magnetic bracelets are supposed to be useful aren’t  they? They’re supposed to have palliative and therapeutic effects aren’t they? So surely the strength of the magnets has some bearing on this? In fact, some tests have shown that strong magnets and weak magnets perform equally well- as compared to no magnets at all. In any case, even in conventional medicine, it is not all about getting the strongest dose: it is about getting the right dose.

brtsw-7-wmps-gNow obviously one doesn’t always know what is the “right” dose when it comes to magnetic therapy. But the good thing about this is that because you can carry on wearing a magnetic bracelet for as long as you like, the absolute strength of the magnets – or the number of magnets for that matter – isn’t really something that you need worry about. Instead, focus on the appearance. Magnetic bracelets are things of beauty. Buy them for their radiance and lustre, not their magnetic strength.

And if you want a really nice-looking magnetic bracelet, you have to go to the right place. Magnetic Products Store is the right place because they have by far the widest range of magnetic bracelets in Europe. Even in America, they are running a close second. And the market leader in America, looks decidedly down-market compared to the quality of the MPS range.
A quick glance at their website will prove this. They’ve got:

  • bac-70-c-empscopper/titanium/stainless steel
  • gemstones/Swarovski
  • coloured magnets/hematite
  • ceramic/silicone
  • for Him/for Her
  • sports wristbands
  • golfer’s bands
  • expanding bracelets
  • personalised
  • jewellery for pets!

You’re positively spoilt for choice. So don’t count the magnets. Take a look and pick what you like. It’s Christmas! Treat yourself!

And someone you love…


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