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January 16, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Magnetic bracelets are the cure for January depression

Stainless steel and germanium magnetic bracelet

Stainless Steel and Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

The following article is about the January sale at Magnetic Products Store and the possibility of buying magnetic bracelets at greatly reduced prices to cheer yourself in the midst of a depressing winter.

Here’s a joke.  A female student in a class on Modern American History class was asked: “when was the Great Depression?” The girl thought for a moment, whilst fiddling with the magnetic bracelet around her wrist, and then replied: “January!”

And yes, it’s kind of not funny when we’re actually IN January. It just too raw and close to the bone. Especially as magnetic bracelets probably don’t actually cure depression – at least not by magnetism per se. It’s like telling someone with a broken leg a joke about someone with a broken leg. So maybe I shouldn’t really be joking about January blues and the limitations on magnetic jewellery. But I’m trying – in my clumsiest of clumsy ways – to segue into the fact that January is indeed a depressing time of year. (Yes cobber I know this whinging pommy is being boreo-centric – get over  it!)

POSITTANO Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

POSITTANO Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

Okay, so what can we do about it? Maybe eventually global warming will do something about this infernal cold. But it still won’t make the days any longer, unless we realign the earth on its axis relative to the plane of its orbit.(I’m being nerdy now, but those of you who have seen The Day the Earth Stood Still will know what I’m talking about.)

The answer is that all we really can do is cheer ourselves up as best we can. And one of the things that our delightful friends in the world of commerce and retail have invented to help us in this endeavour is that most joyous of post-New-Year events: the January Sale!

 VENUS' HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Now obviously, one cannot, should not and dare not go overboard in January. After all there are still all those credit card bills from the Christmas presents and Christmas dinner to pay off. But if one can find a suitably item – not too pricey – that by its very nature gives one pleasure, then that is surely the ideal January sale purchase, is it not?

And what items are small and not too pricey, but radiant and bright to cure January depression through giving pleasure by their lustre and sparkle? Why magnetic bracelets of course! (I should point out that visually, copper bracelets and bangles have the same effect, whether they are magnetic or not.)

But what is more, the sale at Magnetic Products Store is offering discounts of up to 80%! That means you pay one-fifth of the normal price? How good is that? Bloomin’ marvellous I’d say.

So check ’em out. And hurry. Because when it’s gone, it’s gone – well maybe not. But it won’t be January for ever!


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