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March 6, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Sports and magnetic bracelets

Sky blue silicone

Sky blue silicone

Although football and rugby are played through the winter, Spring is really the season for outdoor sports. It may not have quite got here yet, but it is on the way. That means a lot of people who have been caught up in the lethargy of winter are going to start taking up sports again. And with people taking up sports after a long period of inactivity comes – inevitably – sports injuries.

But the good news is that Magnetic Products Store offers a range of sports wristbands and bracelets for the budding Olympian. Like the silicone sports band shown to your right. These bands come in many colours and here are some interesting facts about them:

  • The band is ultra-soft
  • The silicone stands up to all weather conditions and cannot corrode or tarnish
  • It is hypoallergenic – no metal comes into contact with your skin
  • The magnets are embedded in the silicone
  • No metal clasp to grapple with – just slip it over your wrist
  • Extremely strong – will not snap when putting in on. NEVER!!!
  • Extra strong magnets (Neodymium, 1500 Gauss)


IonTopia white

IonTopia white

Of course you’re not limited to these  silicone wrist bands. They also have some  other nice-looking wrist bands for sport like the ionTopia white (right). All of these are available from the sports section of Magnetic Products Store.

They also have a very nice golfer’s wristband.

Augusta Bio Golfers

Augusta Bio Golfers


February 10, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Treat your lover to a Valentine’s Day magnetic bracelet

Tarim white crystals

Tarim white crystals

Our winter giveaway is now closed. It was a great success, with 83 entries and the winner has been notified.

So what’s up next? St. Valentine’s Day – the day when those who are young in spirit profess their love for… well, those whom they love. In the old days, it used to be handwritten cards filled with poetic verses – a true expression of thoughtfulness as well as love. But not everyone is a poet and the cost of printing was going down, so printed cards became all the rage. But printed cards alone seemed rather cheap – especially as they sparred the lover the need to find the magic words to woo his beloved. So chocolates and flowers became the order of the day. And wealthier lovers were in many cases both able and willing to go the extra mile and impress the lady of their fancies with gold and diamonds.

But from where the tradition of giving St. Valentine cards and gifts originate? If you stop the average Englishman or woman in the street and ask them who is the patron saint of lovers, nine out of ten will tell you that it’s the eponymous St. Valentine. But which St. Valentine. There are at least fourteen different saints bearing that name.  And three of them are associated with February the 14th.Valentines. But none of them had anything to do with romance in their lives – despite stories that one of them used to perform secret marriage ceremonies for pagan Roman soldiers who were allegedly forbidden to marry. In fact, most of these Saint Valentinius’s (Valentinia?) were Christian martyrs.  So what, then, is the connection between one or more early Christian martyrs and romance?

MPS Bio Energy

MPS Bio Energy

Well here, I can only offer a speculative answer. Firstly, it is important to bear in mind that in Christian tradition, marriage is a sacrament which symbolises God’s (and Jesus’) love for humankind. This is in contrast to, say, Judaism, in which marriage is a contract. That might explain why Christian martyrdom came to be equated, in the eyes of some, with romantic love. Nuns, let us not forget, are said to be “brides of Christ.”

Okay, so much for the mental association. But how did it translate into the actual practice of giving cards and gifts? The answer to that question can be laid at the door of one Geoffrey Chaucer, a writer who, in addition to being  the father of modern English literature was also a man of the utmost piety. In honour of first anniversary of England’s King Richard II to Anne of Bohemia in a treaty signed on the second of May 1381, he wrote a poem called the Parliament of Foules (they didn’t have spell-checkers in the middle ages). The poem contained the following words (translated into modern English): “For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”

There is some argument as to whether he meant February the 14th, the official St. Valentine’s Day, as designated by the Vatican, or the Feast of St. Valentine of Genoa, which is celebrated on May the 3rd. But regardless of what he intended, it was February 14 that became the de facto lovers’ day. By the eighteenth century young men were sending handwritten cards to the objects of their desire and by the nineteenth this gave way to printed cards – along with confectionery. Jewellery too was given by the affluent of suitors to their paramours.

But what of the less affluent? Magnetic Products Store offers an affordable alternative: magnetic and copper jewellery. And so in honour of St. Valentine’s Day, they are doing a special promotion, offering beautiful magnetic bracelets like the one pictured here.

January 29, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Magnetic Products Store is doing a giveaway

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

MPS™ VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Evidently anxious to spread some good cheer on these cold and gloomy days, the boys at MPS have recognized that the season of goodwill doesn’t have to end at Christmas, or even the New Year. And proving that premise, they’ve decided to put their money where their mouth is and give away a magnetic bracelet to one lucky winner. If you have trouble getting to the site from a mobile device, you can click here and it should take you to the mobile version.

You’re probably thinking that we’re just too darned nice! And you’re right. We probably are. Giving a bracelet free of charge, for heaven’s sake! But that’s us. I mean they don’t call it the season of goodwill for nothing do they.  And over the years, you’ve been good to us, buying copper bangles and magnetic jewellery of all types, including necklaces and  even anklets. So it’s only right that once in a while we do you a good turn in return so to speak.

MPS™ EUROPE Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

MPS™ EUROPE Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

I mean, let’s face it, boy scouts try to do a good deed every day. We’re just doing one a year. It’s not like we’re angels. But if there is an angel in your life, I’m sure she’s going to like the Venus Hearts bracelet shown here.

Similarly for men, we’re offering the Europe bracelet on the right. And all you have to do is follow the links, like our page and answer the question. And just to make it easy, there isn’t any right or wrong answer. It’s just the answer that expresses what you feel – no more, no less.

Last week, I was saying what kind of a miserable and depressing time of year it is, what with the bad weather and the gloom. But we’re sure that one of these shiny bracelets is going to brighten up some one’s life. And even if you’re not a lucky winner, they are just so competitively priced that if you don’t win one, you can always buy one.

And we can’t be fairer than that now, can we?

January 16, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Magnetic bracelets are the cure for January depression

Stainless steel and germanium magnetic bracelet

Stainless Steel and Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

The following article is about the January sale at Magnetic Products Store and the possibility of buying magnetic bracelets at greatly reduced prices to cheer yourself in the midst of a depressing winter.

Here’s a joke.  A female student in a class on Modern American History class was asked: “when was the Great Depression?” The girl thought for a moment, whilst fiddling with the magnetic bracelet around her wrist, and then replied: “January!”

And yes, it’s kind of not funny when we’re actually IN January. It just too raw and close to the bone. Especially as magnetic bracelets probably don’t actually cure depression – at least not by magnetism per se. It’s like telling someone with a broken leg a joke about someone with a broken leg. So maybe I shouldn’t really be joking about January blues and the limitations on magnetic jewellery. But I’m trying – in my clumsiest of clumsy ways – to segue into the fact that January is indeed a depressing time of year. (Yes cobber I know this whinging pommy is being boreo-centric – get over  it!)

POSITTANO Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

POSITTANO Stainless Steel & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

Okay, so what can we do about it? Maybe eventually global warming will do something about this infernal cold. But it still won’t make the days any longer, unless we realign the earth on its axis relative to the plane of its orbit.(I’m being nerdy now, but those of you who have seen The Day the Earth Stood Still will know what I’m talking about.)

The answer is that all we really can do is cheer ourselves up as best we can. And one of the things that our delightful friends in the world of commerce and retail have invented to help us in this endeavour is that most joyous of post-New-Year events: the January Sale!

 VENUS' HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Now obviously, one cannot, should not and dare not go overboard in January. After all there are still all those credit card bills from the Christmas presents and Christmas dinner to pay off. But if one can find a suitably item – not too pricey – that by its very nature gives one pleasure, then that is surely the ideal January sale purchase, is it not?

And what items are small and not too pricey, but radiant and bright to cure January depression through giving pleasure by their lustre and sparkle? Why magnetic bracelets of course! (I should point out that visually, copper bracelets and bangles have the same effect, whether they are magnetic or not.)

But what is more, the sale at Magnetic Products Store is offering discounts of up to 80%! That means you pay one-fifth of the normal price? How good is that? Bloomin’ marvellous I’d say.

So check ’em out. And hurry. Because when it’s gone, it’s gone – well maybe not. But it won’t be January for ever!

December 7, 2015 / Ab Cdef

Mirror mirror on the wall what’s the strongest magnet of all?

Magnetic Products Store

Available from Magnetic Product Store

“Which one is the strongest?”

No, we’re not talking about cage wrestlers or superheroes, here. We’re talking about magnetic strength – and specifically the magnets in magnetic bracelets and bangles. Because this is a question that people often ask when they’re thinking about buying one. But it’s not really the right question to ask. It’s like buying a plane ticket by asking which plane has the most powerful engine. Buying a magnetic bracelet should be like judging a beauty contest not a weightlifting contest.

Now you might disagree. After all magnetic bracelets are supposed to be useful aren’t  they? They’re supposed to have palliative and therapeutic effects aren’t they? So surely the strength of the magnets has some bearing on this? In fact, some tests have shown that strong magnets and weak magnets perform equally well- as compared to no magnets at all. In any case, even in conventional medicine, it is not all about getting the strongest dose: it is about getting the right dose.

brtsw-7-wmps-gNow obviously one doesn’t always know what is the “right” dose when it comes to magnetic therapy. But the good thing about this is that because you can carry on wearing a magnetic bracelet for as long as you like, the absolute strength of the magnets – or the number of magnets for that matter – isn’t really something that you need worry about. Instead, focus on the appearance. Magnetic bracelets are things of beauty. Buy them for their radiance and lustre, not their magnetic strength.

And if you want a really nice-looking magnetic bracelet, you have to go to the right place. Magnetic Products Store is the right place because they have by far the widest range of magnetic bracelets in Europe. Even in America, they are running a close second. And the market leader in America, looks decidedly down-market compared to the quality of the MPS range.
A quick glance at their website will prove this. They’ve got:

  • bac-70-c-empscopper/titanium/stainless steel
  • gemstones/Swarovski
  • coloured magnets/hematite
  • ceramic/silicone
  • for Him/for Her
  • sports wristbands
  • golfer’s bands
  • expanding bracelets
  • personalised
  • jewellery for pets!

You’re positively spoilt for choice. So don’t count the magnets. Take a look and pick what you like. It’s Christmas! Treat yourself!

And someone you love…

November 21, 2015 / Ab Cdef

Persuading the skeptics about magnetic therapy

bras-46-wmpsThe word skeptic is probably one of the most grossly overused – not to mention misused – words in the English language. Thus, people who dispute the overwhelming evidence in support of man-made climate change are said to be “climate change skeptics.” In reality, they are of course “deniers” rather than mere skeptics. They do not just challenge the overwhelming opinion of meteorologists and climatologists, they flat out deny it, latch onto every piece of pseudoscientific garbage and even attempt to traduce the reputations of the most prestigious of scientists.

Not “pseudoscience” is not a word I feel comfortable with as it is a word that thrown about a little too freely by orthodox medical practitioners with regard to something dear to my heart: magnetic therapy. The article about it in a certain well-known online encyclopedia, for example, effectively equates the use of magnets for treatment or pain relief as if it were the equivalent of tea-leaf reading (for those old enough to remember what tea leaves are) and phrenology. Now I don’t know about you, but I think that comparing an old “grandmother’s” superstition like tea leaf reading to a scientifically-based therapeutic technique that takes advantage of oxygenated blood’s diamagnetic properties and deoxygenated blood’s paramagnetic properties, is not only incredibly insulting, it’s downright stupid.

MPS™ EUROPE Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

MPS™ EUROPE Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

What is particularly galling is that one person seems to “own” the page – or at least thinks he does. But I did a little digging and discovered that he had been somewhat disingenuous in what he wrote. Specifically, he cited an article that supposedly reviewed many case studies and concluded that magnetic therapy does not work, or at least that there is not enough evidence to show that it does. However, I followed the link to the article and read it and guess what? It turns out that the article he referred to (but conveniently didn’t actually quote from) said that in the case of  osteoarthritis there isn’t enough evidence to rule out the possibility that wearing magnets can help alleviate the pain.

I would take it further and say that the studies the article looked at in its review showed perfectly well that such treatment does work. But I think the point he was trying to make was that the studies that support the use of magnets treatment tend to use small samples. And of course small samples weakens the results. It doesn’t undermine them, it just renders them inconclusive.

As the Wiki entry was plainly misleading, I tried to change it by adding the relevant sentence from the article. As the article had already been cited, it seemed perfectly reasonable to add a direct quote from it. But our champion of skepticism didn’t like the way on which his frontal assault on magnetic treatment had been compromised, so he reverted it back to the misleading way it was. Then, he added another more recent review of the literature, this one from only three years ago, claiming that it too supported his disbelieving position.

So again I checked the source article to see if there was anything he wasn’t telling us. And again, a brief look confirmed what I had suspected all along: namely that the new article also stated not that the use of magnets couldn’t help people suffering from osteoarthritis, but only that the evidence was inconclusive.

But why is it inconclusive. The only reason given is that the people in the experiment can check if the magnets are real or fake. But in practice it is extremely unlikely that they are doing so. So this is really just an excuse by the orthodox scientists to reject evidence that a disruptive medical technology – not an unscientific one- can actually make a difference.

November 4, 2015 / Ab Cdef

Back in business

And bring more news in a short time.

November 29, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Here come the help – gift ideas

Here come the help – gift ideas

To many options? Design, colour, bracelet, bangle,gemstone, crsystal,copper titanium….
We will heplp you out! We know it is not easy to find the best one, but with this link you get a little help. Browse our gift ideas to gain some inspiration.

November 21, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Everyone loves jewelry!

Everyone loves jewelry!

Jewelry can be a perfect Christmas Gift. I comes with many different style and colour so you can find just the right one for your loved ones.
Additionally with magnetic therapy bracelet you also take care about the well being of the person you give your present.
Now, in our Great Christmas Giveaway if you pivk any 3 of the special collection, you get the cheapest one completely FREE!
Make your whole Christmas shopping with only a few clicks!

November 7, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Little things that make life easier

You know that feeling, when finally there is a little twist which solves one of those annoying things? What a relief!

And do you know that feeling, when you are in rush and you are playing with the clasp of your bracelet for 5 minutes at least?

Now, here is the twist for that. Forget the clasp and enjoy how easy it is to put on an EXPANDING bracelet!

Perfect solution even for older people for who it might be hard to handle a tiny clasp.