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February 25, 2017 / Ab Cdef

The customer is always right

Tarim white crystals

Tarim white crystals

Okay it is something of a cliche, but business is all about serving the customer – at any rate good business is. So when Magnetic Products Store preens itself and basks in the glory of positive customer feedback from an independent review site, that is only natural, and could hardly be described as vanity. Right?

But what do these verified customers on that site actually say about MPS and its rich and varied collection of magnetic bracelets? A customer called Dennis wrote simply:

Bangle arrived on time and well packed – and as described.

An anonymous but verified reviewer wrote:

It works for me.

EUROPE Multi Elements Rose Gold PL Magnetic BraceletA lady called Ruth wrote:

Lots of choice of different styles to suit all tastes and a variety of price range to suit people. The bracelet arrived very quickly. I am very pleased with the style and design.

And David  commented:

Very good service and product
Ace of spades pendantWhile Paul’s comment was:
Magnetic bracelet. Exceptionally good value. delivered in lovely wallet with adjustment tool and extra links. Delivered in two days ( free delivery ). Book marked for future reference. Very commendable. It was a present, the recipient loves it.
These comments may seem brief, for the most part. But customers are busy people. So for every happy and satisfied customer who writes in, there are probably a thousand or more who are happy but who don’t write for lack of time. No wonder when they do write in, their comments are usually concise and to the point.
That is why a verified customer Richard simply wrote:
Good packaging, delivered on time
 Does one really need to say more? That short and sweet comment says it all.



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