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January 29, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Magnetic Products Store is doing a giveaway

VENUS HEARTS Titanium Metal Bracelet

MPS™ VENUS’ HEARTS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Evidently anxious to spread some good cheer on these cold and gloomy days, the boys at MPS have recognized that the season of goodwill doesn’t have to end at Christmas, or even the New Year. And proving that premise, they’ve decided to put their money where their mouth is and give away a magnetic bracelet to one lucky winner. If you have trouble getting to the site from a mobile device, you can click here and it should take you to the mobile version.

You’re probably thinking that we’re just too darned nice! And you’re right. We probably are. Giving a bracelet free of charge, for heaven’s sake! But that’s us. I mean they don’t call it the season of goodwill for nothing do they.  And over the years, you’ve been good to us, buying copper bangles and magnetic jewellery of all types, including necklaces and  even anklets. So it’s only right that once in a while we do you a good turn in return so to speak.

MPS™ EUROPE Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

MPS™ EUROPE Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

I mean, let’s face it, boy scouts try to do a good deed every day. We’re just doing one a year. It’s not like we’re angels. But if there is an angel in your life, I’m sure she’s going to like the Venus Hearts bracelet shown here.

Similarly for men, we’re offering the Europe bracelet on the right. And all you have to do is follow the links, like our page and answer the question. And just to make it easy, there isn’t any right or wrong answer. It’s just the answer that expresses what you feel – no more, no less.

Last week, I was saying what kind of a miserable and depressing time of year it is, what with the bad weather and the gloom. But we’re sure that one of these shiny bracelets is going to brighten up some one’s life. And even if you’re not a lucky winner, they are just so competitively priced that if you don’t win one, you can always buy one.

And we can’t be fairer than that now, can we?


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