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October 10, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Is Magnetic Therapy safe?

When we try a new therapy, this has to be the first question of all. Especially when it is about alternative methods, because sources of information may not be reliable and many times there is a lack of proper researches.
Therefor, we advice to always look after roundly and if possible ask your doctor as well!

Magnetic therapy has been used through all the ages of medicine, because of that an extensive knowledge is available about possible hazards and side-effects. Which basically do not exist.

*no known side effects
*no time limitation for wearing magnetic product
*no age limit
*non addictive

The only exceptions are cases, when magnetic field might cause error in electric medical devices.
Not suitable for people
*with pacemaker
*Insulin pump
*animals with chip

Magnets neither should be applied on open wounds.
Pregnant woman are advised not to use magnetic therapy. Though there is no record of any health issue of the baby because of magnetic therapy, in this case it is better just be extremely careful.


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