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February 24, 2011 / onemore123

Magnetic bracelets from stainless steel

Simple to hold, tough to chemicals, will not rust, tarnish or grow fainter – what more could you ask for.

Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Therapy Bracelets offers loads of designs and plating such as gold and silver. The stainless steel magnetic bracelets contain many magnets, up to 20 magnets spread around the wrist, and they all have hook and eye closure. The size can vary from thick, broad extra large Stainless Steel magnetic Bracelet that appear strong and chunky to slight, ladies elegant stainless steel magnetic bracelet that surface delicate. Your own meaning of aesthetics will settle on which of the styles will suit you the best. In Addition to the classic links design, the Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets comes with acupresssure Rolling Balls design, where hematite magnetic sphere shaped magnets grants acupuncture-like affects.  Stainless steel jewellery is one of today’s most popular jewellery accessories for a number of very good quality reasons. Nobody creates your own receipt when sturdily being steel. The spend of Stainless Steel here the structure of magnetic bracelets aids on the road to impart you with a invention whose life span is lengthy moreover whose look will not be there tainted or flecked over time.

Stainless steel is the most functional feasible metal, which is robust enough for each day in addition to long-term abrasion. Stainless steel is such a fast steel so as to it is a challenge to make jewellery and consequently not not expensive as a glossed product. Also, stainless steel magnetic bracelets are hypoallergenic as well as do not contain any base metal which possibly will trigger an reaction. Therefore a stainless steel magnetic bracelet will proper for anyone with sensitive body, otherwise anybody who needs to display their magnetic bracelet permanently. Reaction toward Nickel is the on the whole widespread metal hypersensitivity and it is far and wide believed that 18% of natives are sensitized to it. Our stainless steel magnetic jewellery is 316L grade Stainless Steel, which complies with the EU Nickel Directive. Jewelry made from Stainless Steel is less likely to begin a reaction. That makes the union not a happy bunny.

When wearing a gold stainless steel magnetic bracelet from us, you can be sure to have a craze assertion merge with the payback of magnetic therapy. We transport stainless steel magnetic bracelets and stainless steel bracelets that are totally manufactured from start to finish in a process where we can control the quality of stainless steel used. Some of the magnetic therapy bracelets in this sections are IPG plated. IPG plating applies to this magnetic bracelet, where the metal is being electroplated in a vacuum and will last longer, which means they are of exceptional concentration to golf players or athletes which may engaged in far-reaching physical activities that not release nickel salts into the body or induce contact nickel skin problems.



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