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August 5, 2010 / onemore123

Union official at Magnetic Products Store endorsed the MARS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet for Men

Union official at Magnetic Products Store endorsed the MARS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet for Men as the Bracelet Of The Week. “We like this products”, say Jon from the UMTW (Union Of Magnetic Therapy Workers). “It is light, so there is no risk for work injury if it falls on your foot, and no measurable risk to your back due to bad lifting technique”.

“Also”, he added briskly, ” that product is what we like because also it is easy to remove and add links. And even when we do add links according to buyer’s need, the item is simply almost never get too heavy.”

In a presentation to the work force at a competitor to MPS, Jon urged the people to wear the new MARS Bracelet Of The Week badge that was introduced by management early in the day.

Though this worm endorsement, the employee’s reaction campaign seams to fail. We do not have yet details for the reason, but sources wondered in complete confidentiality that the price tag of over £2.00 per badge.

We will publish comments from workers later in the day.

For feedback about the MARS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet for Men click here.



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  1. Dovi Shamir / Aug 8 2010 11:33 am

    “Worm endorsement?” Let me get this straight: you were endorsed by a worm? What kind of a worm was it? A “Shamir” worm? (The worm that had the power to split stone with its eyes and that helped King Solomon build the temple by crawling along the lines marked in the stones, thereby splitting them without the use of iron tools from which weapons of death were made?)

    Or do you mean a “warm endorsement?” I think the latter is more credible.

  2. Tom Holloway / Aug 8 2010 11:37 am

    I think that last commentator was being incredibly facetious. Also it is by no means certain that the Shamir was a worm. Others hold that it was a type of wood, some kind of mineral or even a radioactive material. In the worm legend it was kept hidden by the moor hen or the wood cock, whilst in others it was stored in led box filled with bran. The lead box would be consistent with a nuclear material.

  3. Solomon Wiseman / Aug 16 2010 2:23 pm

    I’m sure I said this before and I do not know why it has not yet appeared, but why should the union be allowed to veto the choices of its own members. The union is their to serve its members not to rule over them. It is for the worker’s to tell the union what to do and not the other way round. Has the union balloted its members and asked them what they want? Clearly this is a case of the tail wagging the dog. The workers should demand a vote and sack their chop stewards.

  4. Haim Grundy / Aug 16 2010 3:31 pm

    It is not a worm endorsement but a warm endorsement. Aside from that the union’s support is to be welcomed. We do not want to go back to the old days of confrontation when unions objected to magnetic management and magnetic management hated the unions. Indeed if we could get the unions and management to wear magnetic bracelets of opposite polarity, that would actually bring them together through the Maxwellian process of magnetic attraction. Part of the reason that the unions and management were constantly at loggerheads in the sixties and seventies, is because they wore magnetic jewelery with the same polarity leading to them being repelled from one another.

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