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March 22, 2017 / Ab Cdef

When things go wrong

 Europe Jet Black TitaniumOkay so “nobody’s perfect” as the last line of Some Like it Hot goes. The same is true occasionally of products, like (say) the links bracelets you buy from Magnetic Products Store. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bad mouth those guys at MPS. But nobody’s perfect. Or did I already mention that?

Anyway, where there’s a problem and where there’s also a good online retailer, there’s also a solution. And fortunately, the MPS website doesn’t leave you in the lurch: It is packed with advice on how to deal with any problems that might arise. You’ll find all the answers you need in the Troubleshooting section of the site.

Turquoise with gem stonesThese very useful pages cover everything from the bracelet being too loose or too tight, to problems opening the clasp and how to remove links using the links removal tool that MPS thoughtfully provides.

Take for example the problem of a clasp that won’t open. The way to solve this problem is solved on the Cannot open the clasp troubleshooting page. This shows – both with text and with pictures – how you can open the clasp by inserting your fingernail at the right spot (illustrated). But what if you bite your nails (like me) and they are too short to insert at the right spot? The Troubleshooting page in question also shows you the alternative of inserting the tip of a pair of scissors and opening them to open the clasp.

ionTopia HI-PRIME red siliconeSimple and effective. One problem: two solutions. And all served up neatly and succinctly with clear illustrations. And that’s really all there is to it. That’s why Magnetic Products Store has such a good reputation. They take care of the details and help the customer with the problems before the problem becomes a problem.  And there aren’t too many online retailers you can say that about.

PS if you like what you see on this page, you might like to check out these bracelets. They offer just a glimpse and a sample of the wide range of magnetic bracelets that MPS has to offer at very reasonable prices.

February 25, 2017 / Ab Cdef

The customer is always right

Tarim white crystals

Tarim white crystals

Okay it is something of a cliche, but business is all about serving the customer – at any rate good business is. So when Magnetic Products Store preens itself and basks in the glory of positive customer feedback from an independent review site, that is only natural, and could hardly be described as vanity. Right?

But what do these verified customers on that site actually say about MPS and its rich and varied collection of magnetic bracelets? A customer called Dennis wrote simply:

Bangle arrived on time and well packed – and as described.

An anonymous but verified reviewer wrote:

It works for me.

EUROPE Multi Elements Rose Gold PL Magnetic BraceletA lady called Ruth wrote:

Lots of choice of different styles to suit all tastes and a variety of price range to suit people. The bracelet arrived very quickly. I am very pleased with the style and design.

And David  commented:

Very good service and product
Ace of spades pendantWhile Paul’s comment was:
Magnetic bracelet. Exceptionally good value. delivered in lovely wallet with adjustment tool and extra links. Delivered in two days ( free delivery ). Book marked for future reference. Very commendable. It was a present, the recipient loves it.
These comments may seem brief, for the most part. But customers are busy people. So for every happy and satisfied customer who writes in, there are probably a thousand or more who are happy but who don’t write for lack of time. No wonder when they do write in, their comments are usually concise and to the point.
That is why a verified customer Richard simply wrote:
Good packaging, delivered on time
 Does one really need to say more? That short and sweet comment says it all.


December 11, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Keeping the ghouls at bay

Ghoul repellent braceletWell we’ve had halloween and we’ve bought off all the ghouls and ghosties. But now we’ve got Christmas coming and rumours abound that the little critters haven’t gone away. They’re still lurking round the corner – waiting for a chance to badger you into giving them more treats.Now even if you know that there’s always going to be be too much turkey and other food, you don’t want to share it ghouls do you?

So what can you do? The answer is that you can invest in a Ghoul repellent magnetic bracelet – guaranteed to keep the ghouls away for at least 99 years!

I jest thee not my friends. You wear one of these bracelets and the ghouls will stay away from you. Remember a ghoul is for life. Don’t let one spoil your Christmas.

October 27, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Christmas is coming…

Special offer - copper bangle when you buy three magnetic braceletsOkay, so here’s the deal. It’s official. Summer is over, the weather is turning colder and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers are in pain. So what can we do to cheer them up? Well the obvious answer is that Christmas is coming. And that means… well you know what it means. But I didn’t come here to talk about the goose getting fat, or Christmas turkeys from Hollywood – or even pulling a Christmas cracker at the office party.

No no! I came to talk about the time of loving and giving – loving one’s wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend and giving them a present to bring a smile to their face.

 EUROPE 5 in 1 Elements GOLD PL Titanium Magnetic BraceletAnd MPS has some wonderful bracelets to choose from – along with a great Christmas offer.  The offer is that if you buy any three bracelets, you get the magnetic copper bangle in the picture FREE!

Yes, that’s right: absolutely free!

But of course, first you’ve got to buy three other bracelets. The good news is that when it comes to the Magnetic Products Store range, you’re spoilt for choice – especially when it comes to new bracelets. For example, on the right you have the EUROPE 5-in-1 elements gold coloured titanium magnetic bracelet.

EUROPE Multi Elements Rose Gold PL Magnetic BraceletThen there’s the EUROPE multi-elements rose-gold PL magnetic bracelet, on the left – a wonderful example of aesthetics, combined with the latest in high-strength magnetic technology with its Rare-Earth Neodymium magnets complemented by Germanium elements and other elements.

And there are many women’s bracelets available with gemstones too – all part of the offer. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

August 23, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Is there a bracelet to defeat lethargy

The IonTopia rangeI am tired. There! All right! I admitted it! It’s only twenty to eight in the evening (19.40) and I am already knackered, fagged out, bushed. Whatever you choose to call it. I can’t go on. I have no more strength. You might say: “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” After all, you’ve been working all day.

Yes but all day for means since about 11.30. I started late. So I’ve only been working for eight hours – and much of that was day-dreaming, getting distracted, eating, taking breaks, etc. That means I’m getting tired a lot more quickly than a young man of my age (ROTFL) ought to!

So the question I’m asking is this: is there a magnetic bracelet that banishes lethargy? It turns out there is. In fact, there’s a whole range of them.  It’s called the IonTopia range and you’ll see what I mean.

July 14, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Football’s over, Wimbledon done and dusted bring on the golf!

Augusta Bio Golfers

Augusta Bio Golfers

As we move from winter to summer (England has no spring to speak of), the sports we play – or rather watch – change from high-energy to low-energy… or perhaps I should say; lethargic! At Wimbledon, that most quintessentially English institution, Andy Murray claimed his second victory in the men’s finals, dispatching his opponent in straight sets. A day before that, the formidable Serena Williams smashed her way to victory in the Ladies Singles.To my delight Portugal beat the hosts in Euro 2016 – making up for their defeat in 2004 when as hosts, they lost the final to upstarts Greece. This time, Portugal were the underdogs – and once again, the underdog won.

The football, on the day of Andy Murray’s victory, was no less impressive. To my great joy, Portugal defeated France, the hosts, in Euro 2016 – compensation for their defeat twelve years earlier when they lost the final in front of a home crowd to less skillful but more tenacious Greece. Who can forget the tearful face of the legendary Eusebio  – hero of the 1966 Portugal World Cup team and in 2004 their manager – as he found himself forced to swallow that bitter pill. But this time it was Portugal who were the underdogs as they played against a passionate and determined French team. But Portugal were tenacious too and this time it was their tenacity that prevailed.

Sky blue silicone

Sky blue silicone

But while soccer is a winter sport, tennis is a summer sport. And, It’s not the only summer sport, Now is the time for cricket and golf. And while we’re on the subject of golf, one of the great products that one can get from Magnetic Products Store (MPS) is the AUGUSTA BIO Golfers Magnetic Therapy Bracelet with a Leather Strap. Of all the beautiful and powerful magnetic bracelets in the MPS sports range this one is the king, with the most powerful magnet in the MPS range: 6500 Gauss.

hp-4-amps (ionTopia - white golf)The good news is that it is in the MPS sale and is currently available at £10 off its normal price. Of course, wearing a sports wristband does not make you good at sport.And there are many other products in the MPS sports range like the AUGUSTA BIO Golfers Magnetic Therapy Bracelet with Leather Strap (left) and the unbreakable SUPER PRIME (TM) Sky Blue Silicone bracelet (above).

On the other hand, if you’re more into mental sports than physical ones, you might like to take this survey on your game-playing habits, or check out this new game being developed, and it’s associated page on Facebook.

Oh, and I… er… hear there’s something coming up in the near future called the Olympics.

June 6, 2016 / Ab Cdef

The secret is out…

For some reason, it is getting harder to spread the word about things that people ought to know – even on the internet.  That might be because the internet is so crowded. But whatever the reason, it certain explains why so few people know that when it comes to the title of “the biggest range of magnetic jewellery and magnetic bangles in the world,” the honour goes to Magnetic Products Store.  Their range of magnetic bracelets, necklaces, anklets, wraps and supports for athletes and golfers is unparalleled.

Their titanium range alone comprises some 102 different bracelets. This includes jet black, double strength, 4-in-1 Bio elements bracelets… and  titanium bracelets incorporating Swarowski elements, like the one on the right, below. And their range of copper magnetic bracelets runs to some 46 items. These include bangles, links bracelets and expanding bracelets. They’ve also got a wonderful collection of stainless steel bracelets.

Tennis Summer Sky

Then there are the energy pendants and the gemstone collections.

The big question is, why don’t we see more magnetic bracelets on the high street? I mean presumably, there’s a market for such beautiful products. Indeed, there certainly is. But taking these products to the high street is long and winding road. And taking it to the high street means many outlets. The internet makes these magnetic bracelets available all over the country and indeed the world.

Also, bear in mind that even in the online world, not everything is equal. Some magnetic bracelets are better than others. Some lines are better than others. And some vendors are better than others. Magnetic Products Store is very much top-of-the-range in terms of both quality and variety.

May 5, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Election day and energy pendants

dual flames pendantToday is London mayoral election day and I am NOT going to write about it. Instead, I am going to write about something far more interesting: energy pendants. What’s the connection? Not much, other than a really bad pun I was going to make about indiPENDANT candidates.

But I digress (as usual). The reason I’m writing about energy pendants is quite simply because I like them. Instead of “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” my motto is: “If you like it, share it!” At least share the news. I’m not suggesting that you actually share your energy pendants. I haven’t the slightest intention of sharing mine!

Ace of spades pendant

There is quite a big range to choose from. The flame and the ace of spades are two of my favourites.

I have written about them elsewhere, but I thought that now would be a good time to share it. Maybe it’s because I’m impulsive.

Or full of energy!!!

April 7, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Removing links

Resize tool 1Purchasing anything on the internet is fraught with peril. I don’t mean the danger that it may never arrive, because that problem is dealt with by the Consumer Credit Act – at least if you pay by credit card that is. If the company goes bust or it doesn’t arrive, the credit card company takes the hit, not you.

But there is another problem with buying anything long-distance, be it via the internet or those old-fashioned mail-order catalogues. And that is that the thing you get might not be quite the thing you want, even if it is accurately described. When it comes to shopping, nothing beats actually being there. That is probably why women love to shop – well one of the reasons at least! Elizabeth Barrett Browning, once wrote a poem beginning with the verse:


” Yes !” I answered you last night ;
    ” No !” this morning, Sir, I say !
Colours, seen by candle-light,
    Will not look the same by day.


How to remove links

How to remove links

And, of course, what is true of men during nocturnal courtship is equally true of products sold by even the most sincere of internet retailers. Of course, every product sold long-distance carries its own set of problems, whether it be size, colour, compatibility, longevity, battery life, etc. In the case of bracelets, that problem is size. This, of course, is not the retailers’ fault. It is up to the customer to buy the size they want.

But even with the best will in the world, it is possible for the customer to get it wrong. If you under-estimate the wrist size, your only recourse is to return the bracelet and have it resized or buy a bigger one.  But if, on the other hand, you over-estimate the size when buying a links bracelet, then, at least, Magnetic Products Store offers you an instant remedy that spares you the hassle of sending it back.

Expanding narrow Cobra bracelet

Expanding narrow Cobra bracelet

That remedy is free links removal tool that comes with your links bracelet. One thing you’ve got to say about Magnetic Products Store is that they are very helpful to the customers.

But there is another way of making sure that you get a bracelet that fits and that is to get one of their very popular expanding bracelets. These are easy to put on and take off because they have no fiddly clasp. It just stretches over the hand and snaps back into place over the wrist. Simples – as those meerkats used to say.

March 6, 2016 / Ab Cdef

Sports and magnetic bracelets

Sky blue silicone

Sky blue silicone

Although football and rugby are played through the winter, Spring is really the season for outdoor sports. It may not have quite got here yet, but it is on the way. That means a lot of people who have been caught up in the lethargy of winter are going to start taking up sports again. And with people taking up sports after a long period of inactivity comes – inevitably – sports injuries.

But the good news is that Magnetic Products Store offers a range of sports wristbands and bracelets for the budding Olympian. Like the silicone sports band shown to your right. These bands come in many colours and here are some interesting facts about them:

  • The band is ultra-soft
  • The silicone stands up to all weather conditions and cannot corrode or tarnish
  • It is hypoallergenic – no metal comes into contact with your skin
  • The magnets are embedded in the silicone
  • No metal clasp to grapple with – just slip it over your wrist
  • Extremely strong – will not snap when putting in on. NEVER!!!
  • Extra strong magnets (Neodymium, 1500 Gauss)


IonTopia white

IonTopia white

Of course you’re not limited to these  silicone wrist bands. They also have some  other nice-looking wrist bands for sport like the ionTopia white (right). All of these are available from the sports section of Magnetic Products Store.

They also have a very nice golfer’s wristband.

Augusta Bio Golfers

Augusta Bio Golfers