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November 21, 2015 / Ab Cdef

Persuading the skeptics about magnetic therapy

The word skeptic is probably one of the most grossly overused – not to mention misused – words in the English language. Thus, people who dispute the overwhelming evidence in support of man-made climate change are said to be “climate change skeptics.” In reality, they are of course “deniers” rather than mere skeptics. They do not just challenge the overwhelming opinion of meteorologists and climatologists, they flat out deny it, latch onto every piece of pseudoscientific garbage and even attempt to traduce the reputations of the most prestigious of scientists.

Not “pseudoscience” is not a word I feel comfortable with as it is a word that thrown about a little too freely by orthodox medical practitioners with regard to something dear to my heart: magnetic therapy. The article about it in a certain well-known online encyclopedia, for example, effectively equates the use of magnets for treatment or pain relief as if it were the equivalent of tea-leaf reading (for those old enough to remember what tea leaves are) and phrenology. Now I don’t know about you, but I think that comparing an old “grandmother’s” superstition like tea leaf reading to a scientifically-based therapeutic technique that takes advantage of oxygenated blood’s diamagnetic properties and deoxygenated blood’s paramagnetic properties, is not only incredibly insulting, it’s downright stupid.

What is particularly galling is that one person seems to “own” the page – or at least thinks he does. But I did a little digging and discovered that he had been somewhat disingenuous in what he wrote. Specifically, he cited an article that supposedly reviewed many case studies and concluded that magnetic therapy does not work, or at least that there is not enough evidence to show that it does. However, I followed the link to the article and read it and guess what? It turns out that the article he referred to (but conveniently didn’t actually quote from) said that in the case of  osteoarthritis there isn’t enough evidence to rule out the possibility that wearing magnets can help alleviate the pain.

I would take it further and say that the studies the article looked at in its review showed perfectly well that such treatment does work. But I think the point he was trying to make was that the studies that support the use of magnets treatment tend to use small samples. And of course small samples weakens the results. It doesn’t undermine them, it just renders them inconclusive.

As the Wiki entry was plainly misleading, I tried to change it by adding the relevant sentence from the article. As the article had already been cited, it seemed perfectly reasonable to add a direct quote from it. But our champion of skepticism didn’t like the way on which his frontal assault on magnetic treatment had been compromised, so he reverted it back to the misleading way it was. Then, he added another more recent review of the literature, this one from only three years ago, claiming that it too supported his disbelieving position.

So again I checked the source article to see if there was anything he wasn’t telling us. And again, a brief look confirmed what I had suspected all along: namely that the new article also stated not that the use of magnets couldn’t help people suffering from osteoarthritis, but only that the evidence was inconclusive.

But why is it inconclusive. The only reason given is that the people in the experiment can check if the magnets are real or fake. But in practice it is extremely unlikely that they are doing so. So this is really just an excuse by the orthodox scientists to reject evidence that a disruptive medical technology – not an unscientific one- can actually make a difference.

November 4, 2015 / Ab Cdef

Back in business

And bring more news in a short time.

November 29, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Here come the help – gift ideas

Here come the help – gift ideas

To many options? Design, colour, bracelet, bangle,gemstone, crsystal,copper titanium….
We will heplp you out! We know it is not easy to find the best one, but with this link you get a little help. Browse our gift ideas to gain some inspiration.

November 21, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Everyone loves jewelry!

Everyone loves jewelry!

Jewelry can be a perfect Christmas Gift. I comes with many different style and colour so you can find just the right one for your loved ones.
Additionally with magnetic therapy bracelet you also take care about the well being of the person you give your present.
Now, in our Great Christmas Giveaway if you pivk any 3 of the special collection, you get the cheapest one completely FREE!
Make your whole Christmas shopping with only a few clicks!

November 7, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Little things that make life easier

You know that feeling, when finally there is a little twist which solves one of those annoying things? What a relief!

And do you know that feeling, when you are in rush and you are playing with the clasp of your bracelet for 5 minutes at least?

Now, here is the twist for that. Forget the clasp and enjoy how easy it is to put on an EXPANDING bracelet!

Perfect solution even for older people for who it might be hard to handle a tiny clasp.


October 30, 2013 / Ab Cdef

For a Mysterious Woman

For a Mysterious Woman

The warmth of the gold with the coldness of the black makes this Titanium Bracelet so unique.
Special jewelry for a Special Lady.

October 24, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Do I need to re-magnetize my magnetic jewelry?

We are aware, that on some pages people are selling “re-magnetizing” devices. The only problem is, that there is no need for that.
All the magnets in magnetic therapy products are permanent ones, magnetized in factories. Their magnetic  feature can only be lost in some very extreme circumstances ( which does not occur in everyday life.

It means, there are first of all absolutely no need for re-magnetizing, and also that these devices are a complete fraud!

October 16, 2013 / Ab Cdef

MPS feedbacks

Thank you for all the customers who wrote us these beautiful  reviews!

“Light, nice looking, do not know about magnet power yet. Overall I like it very much”–therapy-bracelets/europa-jet-black-titanium-magnetic-bracelet.html

Great quality
“Very pleased with this product that I purchased for my partner. She loves it and nver takes it off. The pain relief she has got from it is excellent and its a really nice looking piece of jewellery.”

Bayan magnetic bracelet
“I am really impressed with this supplier. My bracelet Came quickly, was very well packed in a nice wallet, even had the 2 links that  I had taken out. This made it a perfect fit. As for the bracelet itself, well it is beautiful. No one would guess there where all those magnets underneath. It’s to early to say if it works, but I am happy to wear the bracelet for the look alone. Well done.”

magnetic bracelet of very hig quality
“I am very satisfied with the quality of the bracelet, the gem stones are of the same colour as in the picture, delivery was quik and the eficiency of service as a whole is very suficient”

Nice, thick & Solid

Lovely bangle to aid my injured wrist. Wrist is feeling stronger already.
Service is the most professional I’ve had in ages too!


October 14, 2013 / Ab Cdef

How Magnetic Therapy works

How Magnetic Therapy works

An illustration which helps to understand the working method of magnetic therapy, and therefore magnetic jewelry.

October 10, 2013 / Ab Cdef

Is Magnetic Therapy safe?

When we try a new therapy, this has to be the first question of all. Especially when it is about alternative methods, because sources of information may not be reliable and many times there is a lack of proper researches.
Therefor, we advice to always look after roundly and if possible ask your doctor as well!

Magnetic therapy has been used through all the ages of medicine, because of that an extensive knowledge is available about possible hazards and side-effects. Which basically do not exist.

*no known side effects
*no time limitation for wearing magnetic product
*no age limit
*non addictive

The only exceptions are cases, when magnetic field might cause error in electric medical devices.
Not suitable for people
*with pacemaker
*Insulin pump
*animals with chip

Magnets neither should be applied on open wounds.
Pregnant woman are advised not to use magnetic therapy. Though there is no record of any health issue of the baby because of magnetic therapy, in this case it is better just be extremely careful.


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